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After nearly 50 years of development

The factory has formed two series of more than ten varieties

Phosphorous acid

?  Molecular formula: H3PO3

?  Molecular weight: 81.99566

?  CAS No.: 13598-36-2


Monopotassium phosphite

?  Molecular formula: KH2PO3

?  Molecular weight: 120.07776

?  CAS No.: 13977-65-6


Disodium hydrogenphosphi

?  Molecular formula: Na2HPO3·5H2O

?  Molecular weight: 216

?  CAS No.: 13517-23-2


Diammonium phosphite

?  Molecular formula: (NH4)2HPO3·H2O

?  Molecular weight: 134

?  CAS No.: 51503-61-8


Tetramethylammonium hydr

?  Molecular formula: C4H23NO6

?  Molecular weight: 181.2288

?  CAS No.: 10424-65-4


Tetramethylammonium hydr

?  Molecular formula: C4H13NO

?  Molecular weight: 91.1528

?  CAS No.: 75-59-2


Potassium Phosphate Diba

?  Molecular formula: K2HPO4·3H2O

?  Molecular weight: 228.20486

?  CAS No.: 16788-57-1


Sodium Phosphate Dibasic

?  Molecular formula: Na2HPO4·12H2O

?  Molecular weight: 358.1412

?  CAS No.: 10039-32-4


Sodium Dihydrogenphospha

?  Molecular formula: NaH2PO4·2H2O

?  Molecular weight: 156.00733

?  CAS No.: 13472-35-0


Tetramethylammonium hydr

?  Molecular formula: C4H13NO

?  Molecular weight: 91.15

?  CAS No.: 75-59-2


Rudong Zhenfeng Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Rudong Zhenfeng Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Rudong Zhenfeng Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. is located on the coast of the South Yellow Sea-Huanghai 1st Road, Chemical Industrial Park, Rudong County Coastal Economic Development Zone, near Shanghai and Suzhou, with convenient water, land and air transportation.

After nearly 50 years of development, it now has the production capacity of 10,000 tons of phosphorous acid, 5,000 tons of phosphite and 1,000 tons of tetramethylammonium hydroxide. It has a national industrial product production license and has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. It is the main manufacturer of phosphorous acid and phosphite for export in China, among which potassium dihydrogen phosphite (potassium phosphite) is the company's invention patent product, which is a national key new product recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Trade.


The factory is located on the coast of the South Yellow Sea, near the Yangtze River in the south, close to cities such as Shanghai, Wuxi and Suzhou, and has convenient water and land transportation.


The company has a municipal engineering technology center with nearly 30 related professional and technical personnel and senior titles.


The company has always adhered to customer-oriented service, high-tech as the leading, and the combination of research, development and introduction.

The factory has become our country’s main exporter of phosphorous acid

Products meet national standards

And self-export

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High-tech enterprise certificate, quality management system certification certificate, national industrial product production license, Nantong famous brand product certificate, measurement qualification certificate, invention patent certificate, utility model patent certificate

    We are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad

    Joint development and development

    Rudong Zhenfeng Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

    ■  Add: No. 10, Huanghai First Road, Chemical Industry Park, Coastal Economic Development Zone, Rudong County, Jiangsu Province

    ■  Tel: +86-513-84581116, +86-513-84573047

    ■  Foreign trade department: +86-513-84818598

    ■  Fax: +86-513-84582998

    ■  Zip code: 226407

    ■  General Manager: Zhao Jinhua

    ■  E-mail: sales@zfyychem.com , zfjxhg@zhenfengchemical.com

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